News/Show Results

  1. Camber Boer Goat Stud

  2. Since our entry into the Boer Goat Stud industry we have enthusiastically embraced our national and state shows to give us an indication of the success of our breeding program. Our breeding focuses of length, muscle,balance and femininity have been regularly rewarded by judges at national and state levels. These results have then been used to further improve our genetic line.

  3.     These shows place an important part in our goals for breeding excellence.

  1. Camber Boer Goat Stud Successes

  2. Class placings at all national and State Show since 2004.

  3. National Red Champion Buck 2006

  4. Vic State Junior Champion Doe 2006

  5. Vic State Champion Doe 2006

  6. Vic Sate Supreme Exhibit 2006

  7. Vic Campion Senior Doe 2007.

  8. Vic State Junior Champion  Doe 2007.

  9. Vic State Champion Doe 2007

  10. Vic State Junior Reserve Champion Doe 2005

  11. Vic State Red Supreme Exhibit 2005

  12. Vic State Red Champion Buck 2005